Sleeping On Your Stomach? Choose One of These Instead

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Going to sleep is such an easy task that even babies have mastered it. However, you need to maintain an adequate time of sleep you get each night, as both too much and too little sleeping can cause a number of health problems. These range from diabetes, dementia, to heart diseases, and obesity. However, these are not only based on the hours you sleep each night, but a huge potion depends on how you sleep. The position you sleep in determines a number of things such as heartburn, snoring, and fine lines and wrinkles on your face. To help you understand the matter better, we are offering you a complete insight into different sleeping positions and its impacts on your life.

Sleeping on Your Back

Advantages: Back sleepers are able to add a great deal of advantages when it comes to neck and back health. As their back is completely straight and is not in any weird angle. That paired with the mattress job to help support your spine is the perfect way to sleep. The only way to take complete advantage is by sleeping without a pillow, as it allows your neck to stay in a neutral position. Individuals who use too many pillows create an imbalance, and can even cause breathing difficulties. In addition, sleeping on your back allows you a chance to keep your face straight and free to breathe, and not smothered in a pillow which can lead to wrinkles.

Disadvantages: People who sleep on their back have a higher chance of developing sleep apnea, and snoring. There have been times when doctors have suggested that individuals sleep on their side to avoid sleep apnea. As when you sleep on your back the gravity forces your tongue to collapse into your airway, resulting in air obstruction. This can result in snoring, and keep others around you awake at night. In addition, support to your spine does not mean you will get a good night’s rest. A study compared various sleeping habits of good night sleepers and poor sleepers. The result showed that individuals with a poor quality sleeping slept more on their back.


Sleeping On Your Side

Advantages: An individual who sleeps on their side, regardless if they are curled up in a fetal position, or laying straight on their side are in for a treat. As most doctors suggest sleeping on your left side during pregnancy, as it helps boost circulation to your heart, and helps keep both the mother and the child healthy. Another advantage of side sleeping for pregnant mothers is that it takes the pressure off their back, which at times can lead to fainting. On the other hand, those who aren’t expecting can ease off the heartburn, and their acid reflux system by sleeping on the side. Moreover, it will help you feel more comfortable and easy to doze off.

Disadvantages: On the other hand sleeping on your left side can put a great deal of pressure on your lungs and stomach which can be avoided by sleeping on alternate sides. Moreover, it can lead to a squished arm that you will dread in the morning. Other than that, when you sleep on your side with your arm behind your head it creates an impact on your nerves and muscles. Additionally, resting your head on a single arm can restrict its blood flow, and even press down your nerves. Which can result in a rubber arm, and cause a sharp pain. Lastly, as your shoulder is supporting your body, your neck and shoulder muscles take a great deal of pressure.


Sleeping On Your Stomach

Advantages: If your partner is sick of you snoring each night, then you should let them enjoy a good night’s sleep by sleeping on your stomach. This will help individuals who suffer from sleep apnea and calls for a soundless sleep. There are many positions when it comes to sleeping on your stomach, but they are all considered as the same position. So regardless of the direction, your body is in, sleeping on your stomach is a simple and easy to understand concept.

Disadvantages: So far sleeping on your stomach is considered as the worst sleeping position. As it not only flattens the natural curve of your spine, it can lead to a number of lower back related issues such as lower back pain. Think about it, when you sleep on your stomach all night long, and your head is turned right or left, the neck is under a great deal of pressure. However, if this is your preferred position to sleep in, you should consider using pillows to gradually change your sleeping position.



Regardless of the benefits and disadvantages, people tend to sleep in the position they feel most comfortable in. While some of you might change your position every now and then, others tend to stick to one position their entire life.

The best way to keep up with a healthy lifestyle is to switch between sleeping positions. Yes, you might not realize if you change positions during your sleep, but you can try to train your brain. Trying day after day can have amazing results, and you will be able to take in all the advantages, and hopefully steer clear of the disadvantages of the sleeping position. Allowing you the chance to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. This is due to the fact that sleep is associated with a number of factors, and can help boost your happiness.

If your doctor has suggested otherwise, we suggest you stick to what your doctor has suggested as they understand your unique case and will prescribe the perfect position for you.

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