Sharing The Bed? Follow These 5 Tips To Have a Better Sleep!

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You have to think again if you think you cannot share your bed with another person. Of course, there is the tossing and turning, temperature struggles, never-ending blanket wars, and snoring! Rather than thinking that you cannot sleep better while sharing your bed with another person, think about what if the other person is your partner. Think about how to benefit from sharing the bed with the person and boost the odds of your having a longer lifespan. This is because most people tend to feel more safe and secure when sharing their bed with their partner in a relationship, increasing the love hormone (oxytocin) and decreasing the levels of stress hormones – leading to less interrupted sleep.

Therefore, in a situation whereby you are finding it hard to close your eyes while sharing your bed but still want your partner around, then you should try any of the following useful solutions that could end up helping you sustain your sleep and relationship:

If Your Bed Isn’t Big Enough

When sharing your bed with a partner, you will definitely have a reduced space unlike you would when you’re alone. Luckily, you can decide to change your bed and choose from full, queen, or king. The dimension of the new bed you will have to choose will depend on the number of people and how much space each person prefers. In other words, the bigger the bed, the better you will sleep.

If Your Mattress Isn’t Just Working Out

Soft or firm? If you have the same preference like the person you are sharing the bed with, then you’ve lucked out. But if otherwise, don’t worry. Even if you went mattress shopping together and you were unable to agree on the same style. In a situation like this, you can invest in two different twin bed of the same size and twin together. With this, you sleep on your side and your partner on the other. This can be a perfect solution for you to get the best sleep possible.

If There Isn’t Enough Blanket

What would you do when you wake up during the night and found out that your partner has removed all the sheets from you? Do you prefer a thin sheet comforter while your partner prefers a big comforter? It will be tough trying to create a perfect sleep environment in a situation like this. To help, you can try sleeping with two separate blankets. You will both sleep well without the fear of being uncovered over the night.

If the Room Light Is Off

If you are reading while your partner is ready to sleep, try to make use of a book light so as not to disturb your partner. You can also wait for your partner to sleep before continuing. If you need to watch TV, you can go to another room. It’s all about compromise.

If it’s too hot or cold

Getting a perfect room temperature can be a hard thing to do but you can use a separate comforter to keep you warm if your partner likes the room on the cold side and vice versa. Conversely, if you like 66 degrees and your partner likes 62 degrees, perhaps you can compromise on 64 degrees. You will get the quality of sleep that you want on the same bed.

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