Need More Energy In The Morning? Follow These 8 Simple Steps

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You hear the miserable sound of your alarm; you are awake! It’s 7:00 am on Monday again and you have to be at work in the next two hours! It’s cold outside and you are tired and grumpy. You DO NOT want to get out of bed. We have all seen something like this and it’s not fun. You can have morning rituals to make your mornings more productive and boost your mood and energy levels for the whole day. Below are some of the ways for making you wake up and get out of bed easier:

Drink Water before Going to Bed

When you drink water before going to sleep at night, you will have the cause to make use of the bathroom in the morning. The need to relieve your bladder in the morning will make you want to get up and stop you from going back to sleep. However, drinking of excess amount of water prior to going to sleep may want you to wake up in the middle of the night. So, it is recommended to experiment the optimal timing to find out the quantity of water to drink before going to sleep.

Open your Window Blinds before Going to Sleep

Opening your window blinds wide open before going to bed at night will give room for the sun to enter your room in the morning and wake you up. With light in the room, you may find it hard to sleep and force yourself to wake up from bed. On the other hand, a dark room is more conducive to sleep. The sun will not harm you; it will rather give you vitamin D because the sun is a natural source of energy. The sun also reminds our body that it is morning and that we should be awake and energized. However, you may find it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep if your room is too bright at night when you open the blinds. In this case, you can open the blinds small and not wide.

Eat Before Going to Sleep

Because it has been a long time since you eat, you may feel groggy in the morning when you wake up. To help prevent this, you can take a small snack before going to bed. You can decide to eat a low-carbohydrate, easy to digest, food such as yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, nuts and/or peanut butter. When you eat too much food or foods that are not easy to digest, you may find it hard to sleep well; you will have to experiment to know the right quantity to eat. If you do not sleep at the right time, you will find it hard to wake up in the morning.

Set your Alarm Clock to Play your Favorite Music

Sounds that came with most alarm clocks are miserable and this can draw out feelings of anxiety in many people. This can happen, for example, if someone’s ringtone is your alarm clock tone. Thus, you will have a negative thought in mind each day by using a standard alarm clock. That’s a terrible way to start the day! To avoid this, you can set your favorite music in your alarm clock; this will make you happy. You will have a bright thought in your head each day. You will wake up easily and will not want to push the snooze button as you do to an annoying alarm clock sound.

Place Your Alarm Clock Away From Your Bed

You will be forced to get out of bed to your alarm clock when placed across the room. The hardest part about waking up in the morning is getting out of bed. However, you will increase the likelihood of starting your day when you get out of bed faster rather than going back to sleep. When you place your alarm clock next your bed, you find it easier to press the snooze button and continue sleeping. But once it is out of your immediate reach, you will have to get up from bed and get your day going.

Consume Caffeine Shortly After Waking Up

For the first hour or two after waking up, you may feel groggy and this may lead to having lower productivity and spending more time of a necessary task you need to complete. Feeling groggy can also make some people want to go back to bed. To avoid feeling groggy in the morning, you can drink tea or coffee shortly after waking up. It provides the energy needed to get your morning started and prevent you from wanting to go back to bed to sleep.

Exercise in the Morning

Doing some light exercises in the morning will help release some endorphins into your blood and give you more energy. Great options include weight training or a class at the gym. You can also decide to run outside or at the gym. However, if you do not have access to the gym, you can do a short easy workout such as pushups, jumping jacks, or crunches in your home. Apart from being able to wake up early, you will be fit and healthy.

Take Melatonin

Do you know what melatonin is? It is a hormone secreted in the body to stimulate sleep. To start using this drug, you have to talk to your doctor first to make sure it’s right for you. If, however, you are given the green light to use it, you will find your body clock reset in few days and you will have no problem waking up earlier than before.

Waking up earlier is good especially if you have a place to go. This is why the above tips are suggested to help you out. You can make use of one or more of the above for the best result. You will be amazed at the outcome in no time.

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